In this blogpost I have shared some learnings and experience from my love Regan Hillyer

It includes coaching and learning about,




Regan shares how she felt the disconnection of her body from her mind

And her realization that she was not meant to be an architect

One thing that you really have to get crystal clear around is,

How sure you are that you don’t want to do what you are doing right now


If you don’t want to do this? What do you want to do in your life?

It is so great to know,

An amazing and inspiring journey Regan took to be at this point in life

How she came into personal development, coaching, and mentoring

How she dug deep into her dream for impacting millions of people and changing the world

How she was able to impact millions and help them change their lives the moment when she

tapped into purpose

How she started her first coaching business


How she used various tools and techniques to impact more in less time

She shared her commitments to abundance and how she allows abundance to flow through her

instead of creating abundance

It all started from within…

So you need to open yourself and stop worrying about strategies

You always need to think who you are

Who you need to become to live this vision

Only then you can see yourself growing and learning

Always keep in mind,

The first thing is to tap into your vision

Second thing is your identity around who you really are and the alignment between your identity and your vision

And then you need to know who you need to become to keep your vision

So that you can have abundance in both life and business


Remember, I love you!