Beauty doesn’t come from the outside, it is an internal thing!

I am sharing the importance of your LIFE not your WEIGHT

At the moment I am really happy and so excited about the A-Fest

It’s an experience of,

Lots of wisdom

Lots of connection

Lots of beautiful interaction


This amazing and beautiful beach makes the moment ‘perfect’

I am in a wonderful space while sharing my message with the world

Listening to my mentors Lisa Nicholas is so inspiring

The important points she talked about was,

How Losing weight feels like

How to feel good in your body

How to feel good in the temple you live in, “your body”

How she was rejected by humanity, friends and family?


Because she was overweight

The same happened to me as well,

I didn’t felt good in my body

People were teasing me for my weight

I get it, how it feels to get rejected

I always thought something is wrong with me

I couldn’t know what to do

I felt I was not capable enough

I tried everything guys

Literally everything

Then I realized,

All you need to do is to, remember you are beautiful from inside

Beauty doesn’t come from outside

It’s an internal thing

Value yourself and enjoy your body


Remember, I love you!