Everyone should learn to breathe into their hearts

In recent times, situation around the world is crazy that everyone directly or indirectly have to face it

I am here to remind you that we are not our mind

Because mind can go crazy

I am here to remind you,

How we can have thousands of negative thoughts, a collective mind that is affecting us


If you stay focused

If you stay centered

If you stay in your breath

You always will find that space from where you can observe not to get lost in your thoughts


To learn to use your mind as a computer

To use your mind as an instrument

To manifest your purpose in life in a way that you are not lost in your mind

To own your mind

So learn, learn to observe your mind, the way you observe your emotions

Only then you can become the master of your temple

Whenever you feel this,

Negative thought

Negative emotion

Negative feeling coming just don’t get lost and be present

Don’t get lost in the collective emotional disaster that humanity is going through

Because chaos creates more fear and the lowest vibration

Commit to your inner work and to your inner alchemy

I have shared the techniques to let go and to release blockage

And to be present and serve humanity

Spread peace love and high vibration all over the world

And that’s my mission to spread love peace and happiness


Remember, I love you!!!