In this Snapchat video, I share an amazing Cacao Ceremony.

So that it opens your heart

To live in Bliss

To help you live happy

To celebrate live music

To see the actual Cacao Recipe

Cacao is the blissful food and most antioxidant food

How it gives you energy focuses your mind

If you want to receive this best recipe

If you want to learn the steps

If you want all bliss in your life

Try these steps and get an amazing Cacao recipe

You can get the items from any health stores

Turmeric is anti-inflammatory

Black pepper and turmeric mixed together are the strongest anti-cancer agents

One of the best superfoods in the earth

I am sharing benefits of different item mixed in the recipe

And remember create your own and I give you the ingredients

Sharing with you the Cacao ceremony

A mission of my project

A team of volunteer doctors and philosopher

To create a pathway to the heart

Wherever we go they have this ancient practice of shamanic yoga

Which is coming back to connect with Mother Earth

It’s a process of knowing yourself

It’s awakening for empowering yourself

How you can open too your inner healer and your inner crystalline child

This is so beautiful and so amazing ceremony

I will be posting different activities and learning for you guys


Remember, I love you!