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Juan Pablo Barahona (JuanPa) is a transformational leader who has motivated and inspired crowds at venues across over 20 different countries, including:

  • MindValley Summit and A-fest


Personal Power: Healing Addiction & Releasing Deep Emotions and Old Suffering Patterns
The New Earth: Environmental Activism through Personal Transformation
Aligned Entrepreneurship: Creating Financial Abundance with Your Natural Gifts & Talents
Amplify the Leader Within: Realigning Your Inner Leader Identity & Inspiring Others
Aligned Activism: Living Your Values & Balancing Compassion with Self-Care
Master Your Life: Creating the Best Environment for You, Your Business & Your Projects to Grow
Overcoming Trauma & Depression: Healing the Unconscious and Connecting with the Inner Child
Tapping Into Your Inner Mastery: DNA Activation & Embodying the Shifts You Want at a Cellular Level
From Stress to Success: The science of transforming the depleting mechanism of stress into a sustainable optimal performance drive to success.
Accessing the Quantum Flow: An accelerating method of manifestation and achievement based on quantum physics and different ancestral practices to upgrade every area of our life.

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