In this blog post I have shared great learning from the beautiful Thailand

I have shared how we can use every situation in life and not regretting things we didn’t done

I am here to let you know how we can change those expectation and obstacle into opportunity

For something bigger

For more abundance

For more freedom

Trust that whatever happens in your life, it happens for a reason

Instead of regretting try to bring something that can work better

The method we have learned is wrong

Because we never have taught to listen by heart and from the feeling

Because we are used to the mind that makes the decisions

Bring it from the inside and that is your soul which you trust

The place of abundance is your heart

It's the moment when you say Yes or No

That’s the synchronicity

It’s when you let the magic flow

Where it happen from the place of synchronicity

From the place of alignment

From the place of connectivity with your soul

With your choice

With accepting what it is…

If you want abundance

If you want love

Just choose the heart all the time

Try it with any decision and let me know the first 3 seconds when you choose


Remember, I love you!