return to your natural state & activate infinite possibilities in every aspect of your life


return to your natural state & activate infinite possibilities in every aspect of your life

What is quantum flow fitness?

Access the most powerful fitness method ever created

Quantum Flow Fitness was developed by Juan Pablo Barahona, combining 20 years of training and education in every form of movement, mindset, kinesiology and Quantum mechanics to help you achieve power and presence in every aspect of your mind, body and soul.

Quantum Flow Fitness will return you to your natural state of infinite possibilities in every aspect of your life.

Quantum Flow Fitness is a powerful 40 minute class designed to activate the muscles in the body, strengthen the core and re-connect it to the entire body.

It is a blend of fast and slow core movements, interval and resistance training, coordinated with breathwork and periods of blissful pauses, all set to music specifically curated for the class. The result is amplified strength, flexibility, mobility, focus and energy. It is a blend of slow and fast rhythms, targeting the slow and fast twitch muscles of the body, in infinite combinations so the body never plateaus, and you never get bored.

Simply put, there is no other fitness method this effective, versatile or beneficial.

Fitness should not be a chore, you will love this!

How Quantum Flow Fitness works

And the science behind it. . .

The specific movements, stretches and breath sequences of Quantum Flow Fitness activate every fiber of the muscles, reconnecting them to the core and organs, creating brain and energy coherence in every layer of the body.

Quantum Flow Fitness activates the meridians (energy channels) of the body, getting into the mitochondria, clearing whatever is preventing or diminishing the flow of energy in the body and mind.

This releases the stuck energies from the body, returning the body to its natural state and healthy function.

Quantum Flow Fitness activates and reconnects the CORE to the entire body, balances the nervous system and opens up dormant parts of the brain, creating meditative brain-waves to open you up to life’s purpose, and a healthy lifestyle.

You will have maximum power, but live in a state of stillness and focus.


What are the benefits?

Increase strength, improve your posture, achieve a natural and sculpted body

Your metabolism will be activated to release fat, by ripping and building your muscles.

Your body will be faster and more flexible, all while living from its highest potential from a relaxed space.

From an emotional and energetic perspective, you were not meant to exist in survival mode at all times. You were not meant to live in reactivity. Quantum Flow Fitness will rewire the body and brain so that old patterns and triggers do not exist. You will live in a state of strength, power, focus, and centered, with presence and FLOW. You will live in a state of peace, but ready at any moment. You will have expanded radiance, charisma and magnetism. Decisions will be made from a higher state of consciousness, from the highest version of yourself.

With consistent practice you will wake up with the drive of life and love being alive. You will act from a state of balance realizing that you are complete and do not need anything else to thrive. You will celebrate your life from your highest intelligence that naturally flows through your body.

This becomes your lifestyle and allows you to manifest the greatest life you were born to live in a state of health, abundance and gratitude.

Make the choice to return to who you were born to be!

Become a trainer

Open up a powerful and deep connection with your clients

As a trainer of Quantum Flow Fitness, you have the opportunity to connect on a deep and powerful level with your clients. You get to inspire health, strength, love, bliss, success, happiness…the list is endless.

It is also a method that you can train anywhere at anytime. All that is required is you, your clients and an open space, which can be a studio, a park, a beach…again the options are vast.

You also have the opportunity to be a rebel, a disrupter of the Fitness Industry.

Currently the vast majority of fitness is concerned with a body-only goal, occurring at some future point in time- “I will be happy when my body is fit…I will love my body when it is a certain shape…I will love myself when I look like this…I will feel powerful when I can lift this much…”.

All these statements are looking to an unspecified time in the future. With Quantum Flow Fitness, results occur immediately from the very first class, and amplify exponentially with regular practice. Your clients will go deeper and realize fitness is for the body, mind, emotions, relationships, business, literally every aspect of life.

Even if you have never taught a single fitness class, as long as you are committed, we can train you to excel in this industry in the most positive way.

If you are already a fitness trainer, Quantum Flow Fitness is a great tool to compliment any other method you teach. Your clients’ results will be greatly amplified and go to a much deeper level.

If you are interested in joining the revolution and effecting massive change in the world, become a Quantum Flow Fitness Trainer.