Let go of emotional patterns that are holding you back because they don’t serve any more

We are at Ibiza right now, which is such a beautiful place for the event

There are spiritual people and there is a lot of energy happening

I have shared,

How we can tap into meditation and how breathe works

What’s detox and how can you take care of your health

How to detox physical body, your emotional and energetic body

If you guys are looking to transform and detox your lives, this is for you

You can ask questions about all of this work I am doing

You can ask questions around,

How can you use every tool available so you can work at all levels?

How I went into detox, and how I learnt it

How the green juices, medicine and shamanic works

It’s more physical work


It is important to realize,

What thoughts you are letting into your life


What emotions you let in vibrate in your body in order to clear your body to feel your truth

Always keep in mind,

We have blockages in our inner organs and if we don’t clear them we keep repeating the pattern


If you analyze emotion, its energy in motion

So, I am starting 21 days of detoxing

Where we will be talking about all the powerful works and we will be doing all this online

So that wherever you are you can just tune in

If you want to go deep and to step into the NEXT level

Let go of emotional patterns that are holding you back

Physical pattern

Mental pattern

Energetic pattern


Other blockages

If you want to focus on every area of your body, this is FOR YOU

This is going to be an amazing online immersion together with Regan


Remember, I Love You!