I have shared what I feel when I see people around me trying to fit somewhere

They try to do something or to reach something:

To be somewhere in their lives

To please

To be loved


To be accepted

This is all because we all have this in human nature

And in this process of trying we forget that we already are BEAUTIFUL

The moment you set the beauty inside, everything will emanate

Remember it’s when you yourself feel the beauty

When you choose to live in the beauty of nature, you feel and receive it inside

It’s a training of your mind to see beauty everywhere

Close your eyes, take deep breath and feel the beauty

You need to be focused, if you want this power of eternal love

You need to accept this power


You need to sink in this power of the soul in order to accept that in every breath, in every minute and in every stop everything is beautiful

And then your mind is just trained to see beauty all around

If you practice that inside, you reflect it outside

If we accept everything without judgment, as a perfection, as a pure beauty


That space inside us accepts everything in everybody without judgment


When we learn all of this then everything starts to flow

The beauty of soul is not dependent on anything it’s pure

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Be the change to change the world and to bring shift of consciousness

Say, “Yes, I am here to commit.”


Remember, I Love You!!!