It is so important to realize who you truly are and how powerful you are to manifest the life of your dreams

We are so blessed to have this beautiful tribe at Bali

I have shared the leadership retreat which we have done with Regan Hillyer

It was all about conscious living and manifestation of our intentions


I have shared how happy I am to manifest all of this in my life

I want to share all of what is happening here and I am so excited to share some secrets

Secrets, which have helped me so that I can help you

Those will help you to manifest the life of your dreams

My BIG DREAM was to do retreat here in Bali

And, to work with the most powerful people from around the world

So, guy’s here I am doing a three days retreat with the powerful leaders at this amazing place

The vibe here is INCREDIBLE

I am feeling so high


I am feeling so blessed

I have shared how you can manifest all of this into your lives just by committing to what you are doing

If you want all of this,

You need to start observing

Observing who you are

Observing how you feel

I have shared how important it is to think who we are and what do we want to manifest

People are doing this but they get lost into their thoughts

They get lost into their personal dramas, judgments and the negative energy

You need to realize,

How lost you are in your emotions that you can’t listen

What your heart is calling

How many times do you set your intention but you start thinking of those negative patterns

So here comes the principle of CONSCIOUS THINKING

Humans are stronger than they can imagine

We can do a lot more if we try to observe

If you want to have the state of natural bliss you can only get it by observation and being conscious

So, what you need to do is take a deep breath

To be in silence

To be accessible to love, to the divine, and to spirit

If you have made your unconscious strong by thinking you can’t do it, you aren’t capable of it

You will lose the battle

You need to nourish

You need to think it’s your birthright to feel the abundance


Remember, I Love You!!!