The biggest limitation in our evolution are our expectations…

In this video, I have shared how our expectations limit us

I have shared about sun gazing, and super spiritual practice mediation

If you want to know more about sun gazing, go to page

I have shared my visit to the great temple at the beach which is so beautiful

I am here to do my alchemy

I am here to tell you how you can really connect with the light, to the third eye and how sun really help

in this process

It gives you focus and clarity but today there is no sun

We always ask this question why we are not able to live our life

Why do we have so many limits in our spiritual LIFE?

Why do we have so many limits in our spiritual path?

And then we want to change our live to bring a revolution

That’s the biggest limitation in our lives

And, we are full of limiting beliefs

Do whatever you feel like doing and let go of the limiting beliefs

We are the worst enemy of ourselves and we are all the time judging ourselves


We always have this attachments that if we could have, or if we should have

Every time you let these thoughts and emotions come to you, you are losing the best opportunity

If you let go of attachments

If you let go of judgments

You will be free and you will live a blissful life

Because it’s blocking us from living in bliss

We are not loving who we are, and what we are doing in this world

When you start living in your present that’s when you open infinite possibilities for yourself

When you start expecting things that’s the biggest limitation

I have also shared,

What spiritual ego is?


The learning and the connection to the soul and to the Earth

Just remember to live in your present and learn to let go

Stop trying to be someone who you are not

Spirituality is your heart not your outer look

Spirituality is being in present living every moment

Acknowledge that darkness inside you


Remember, I Love You!